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Shinonome Aya

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Character Name
Full Name Shinonome Aya
Kanji 東雲 亜弥
Furigana しののめ・あや
Personal Info
Age Deceased
Gender Female
Novel Volume 8, Chapter 4 (Mentioned)

Shinonome Aya (東雲 亜弥) is a member of the Shinonome Family who married into the Kuroba Family, a Branch Family of the Yotsuba Clan. She is the wife of Kuroba Mitsugu and the mother of both Kuroba Ayako and Kuroba Fumiya.


Aya is from the Shinonome Family who along with the Shiba Family are the founders of the Yotsuba (四葉) through the marriage of Shiba Kuuya and Shinonome Maaya after becoming apart of the Fourth Research Institute, however, the Yotsuba are just one family known to descend from the Shinonome Family. [1]

Aya is stated to have died young. [2]

Aya has a niece, Shinonome Yoshimi, through her older brother. [3]


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