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The Shinonome (東雲, しののめ, lit. dawn) Family is one of two families from which the Yotsuba Clan are descended.


The Shinonome Family along with the Shiba Family are the Founders of the Yotsuba (四葉) through the marriage of Shiba Kuuya and Shinonome Maaya after becoming apart of the Fourth Research Institute, however, the Yotsuba is just one family known to descend from the Shinonome Family. [1]

Shinonome Aya is stated to have died young. [2]

It's stated that Shinonome Yoshimi is the maternal cousin of the Kuroba twins, Kuroba Ayako and Kuroba Fumiya, due in part because Shinonome Aya is the younger sister of Yoshimi's father. [3]


  • Shinonome Maaya (東雲 真彩) - (Deceased)
  • Shinonome Aya's Older Brother


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