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The Shiiba (椎葉) Family is a Branch Family of the Yotsuba Clan


Yotsuba Eisaku is the father of Shiiba Hidetsugu, and was the Second Head of the Yotsuba Family. [1]

Area of InfluenceEdit

The Yotsuba Clan's influence encompasses specifically the Tōkai region and both the Gifu and Nagano prefectures. [2]



  • Shiba Kuuya (司馬 空故) - (Deceased)
  • Shinonome Maaya (東雲 真彩) - (Deceased)

Great-Grandparents GenerationEdit

  • Higashiyama Motohide (東山 元英) - (Deceased)
  • Yotsuba Ayame (四葉 彩夢) - (Deceased)

Grandparents GenerationEdit

Parents GenerationEdit


  • As with all of the Yotsuba Branch Families, the family name is either derived from a variation of Yotsuba, or the name of a flower having four leaves. [3]


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