Shibata Mizuki

AN17 005

Mizuki LN

Shibata Mizuki

Character Name
Full Name Shibata Mizuki
Kanji 柴田 美月
Furigana しばた・みづき
Personal Info
Gender Female
Height 158 cm
Weight 52 kg
Affiliation Literary Club
Occupation Student
School First High School
Year/Course First High
Year 1 Class E Course 2 - 2095
Year 2 Class E Magic Engineering Course - 2096
Year 3 Class E Magic Engineering Course - 2097
Ability Name Over-sensitivity to Spirit Particle Emission; also known as Crystal Eyes
Voiced By Satomi Satou (Anime)
Novel Volume 1, Chapter 1
Manga Volume 1, Chapter 2
Anime Episode 1, Enrollment Chapter I
Spin-off Manga Mahouka Koukou no Yuutousei (Manga)

Yoshida Mikihiko

Throughout the series, it is heavily implied in the novels that Mizuki may harbor feelings for Mikihiko. In Volume 6, Chapter 6 Mizuki knees start to tremble and she falls. Mikihiko (who is behind her) tries to steady her and he accidentally grabs Mizuki breasts and hip. As he realizes his face becomes flustered and he lets go. Mizuki lets out a silent scream. Without any support, Mizuki's body started tilting forward as she fell forward, using her hands to support herself on the mat, placing all four limbs on the ground and her rear towards Mikihiko, a result that terrified Mizuki even more. As she stumbled to her feet, her numb feet caused her fall back on her rear once more. Owing to her sudden chain of surprising motions, her skirt had flipped upwards, revealing a significant proportion of her sock clad feet, shins, and even her thighs. Her already flushed face was now completely burning red. Though this may simply be due to her embarrassment with regards to her actions and not just because she acted inappropriately in front of Mikihiko. Erika often picks on both of them whenever Mikihiko takes responsibility for Mizuki's personal safety.

Chiba Erika

Erika is Mizuki's first friend in First High as seen when they appear in front of Tatsuya at the Opening Ceremony together.

Though often subject to embarrassment by Erika's actions, they are good friends. As time passes, Mizuki is becoming better able to handle Erika.

Shiba Tatsuya

Mizuki recognized the sibling relationship between Tatsuya and Miyuki despite their dissimilarity in features, which made Tatsuya alert.

Mizuki was able to tell quickly that Tatsuya was stronger and more skilled with magic than he seemed, causing Tatsuya again to be wary of her. However, Tatsuya was able to avoid telling her the truth by making up an excuse. Though one of his excuses caused her to misunderstand his intentions, Mizuki saw Tatsuya in a new light and decided to take her lessons on magic more seriously.

Mizuki often has fantasies about Miyuki and Tatsuya's relationship and has declared that she supports Miyuki. She has also blushed when the two were getting close during their group conversation at a café after Kirihara's apprehension.

In volume 17 since learning the news that the Shiba siblings are part of the Yotsuba Clan, Mizuki has a fearful attitude towards them, so when Tatsuya tells her that he is going to the student council in case anyone comes looking for him, she responds nervously. During the second week of school, she gradually recovered & the interaction with Tatsuya started becoming better like they were good friends again.


Mizuki once told Tatsuya her mother worked as a translator.

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