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Shibata Mizuki


Shibata Mizuki

Character Name
Full Name Shibata Mizuki
Kanji 柴田 美月
Furigana しばた みづき
Personal Info
Gender Female
Affiliation Literary Club
Occupation Student
School First High School
Ability Name
  • Over-sensitivity to Spirit Particle Emission; also known as
  • Crystal Eyes
Novel Volume 1, Chapter 1
Manga Volume 1, Chapter 2
Anime Episode 1, Enrollment Chapter I

Shibata Mizuki (柴田 美月) is a Course 2 student in First High School and the very first freshman who approached Tatsuya during the enrollment day. Despite initially being subjected under Tatsuya's suspicions due to her eyes, she became his and Miyuki's friend not long after.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Mizuki is described as a timid-looking girl who wears eyeglasses. In the era when the series is taking place, it is rare for girls to wear glasses because vision correction procedure is already widespread. Tatsuya correctly inferred that her glasses were to reduce her over-sensitivity to Psion and Pushion energy, allowing her 'crystal eyes' to even perceive the hidden aura and the exact nature of spirits. She also has very large breasts and a curvaceous figure. 

Despite being a shy person, Mizuki is the one who loses her temper over the Course 1 students' rude actions during the first day of school, when the group persistently tried to get Miyuki to join them. She provoked Morisaki, the one leading the group of Course 1 students, almost resulting in a 'battle using magic' had Erika not interrupted.

Mizuki is also seen as an innocent person, as she appears to take Tatsuya and Miyuki's romantic banter seriously, despite the former admitting that he's only joking about it.

It's also possible that Mizuki has feelings for Yoshida Mikihiko, as shown through subtle hints in the novels.


Mizuki constantly wears glasses, due to her eyes being Over-senstive to Spirit Particle Emission. Kokonoe Yakumo, during a conversation with Tatsuya, has noted that Mizuki possesses a powerful spiritual sight but is unable to understand nor control it yet.

Mizuki does not appear to be too keen in learning how to use magic. It is stated that she only does so because she wants to control the pair of eyes she possesses.

Over-sensitivity to Spirit Particle EmissionEdit

This refers to a condition of the body where one can see Spirit Particle emission without conscious effort, and cannot shut them out with conscious effort. It is a type of disorder where complete cognizant control cannot be achieved and where one's senses are excessively sharp.
People who suffer from this condition, a hereditary disorder, show symptoms of being oversensitive to non-physical light generated depending on the activity of Pushions.
Those who are visually exposed to spirit particle emission would have their emotional state affected, and as a result, a person suffering from this disorder tends to be susceptible to the breakdown of his or her mental stability.

Aura Cut Coating LensesEdit

These are special lenses used in glasses that is one of the technology aids provided to help control Pushion sensitivity. It cuts down on the visible Pushions so users are not as affected. In an age where myopia has been eliminated, most people do not wear glasses, leading to people with Aura Cut Coating Lenses standing out. 

Crystal EyesEdit

It is the term Mikihiko used to refer to Mizuki's special eyes when he found out she can see the difference in colors of the spirits.
Summoning Magicians like Mikihiko, while knowing that the spirits have colors, cannot actually see them. The spirits' colors aren't identified by sight, but through magic recognition of the vibrations.
In Divine Earth Magic, those who can see the colors of the spirits are also able to see where spirits spring forth and congregate, as well as the 'divine spirits' of the natural order and the key to accessing those systems. As such, a person like Mizuki, who possesses this ability, may be the person one needs to ascend to the heights of Divine Earth Magic.

Nine Schools CompetitionEdit

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When Mari was caught in an accident during the Battle Board competition, Tatsuya asked for Mikihiko and Mizuki's insights about what caused it, but the latter was unable to give any because she was wearing her eyeglasses, rendering her unable to see foreign entities.

However, during the Official Division of Mirage Bat event in the Nine Schools Competition, Mizuki removed her eyeglasses, as a precaution in case another incident broke out. After Kobayakawa's fall, she called Tatsuya, telling him that she saw a spirit bursting apart near where Kobayakawa's CAD was — which turned out to be invaluable information.

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