Shibata Katsushige

Shibata Katsushige

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Character Name
Full Name Shibata Katsushige
Kanji 新発田 勝成
Furigana しばた・かつしげ
Personal Info
Age 23
Gender Male
Height 188 cm
  • Student (Former)
  • Potential Successor (Yotsuba)
  • Staff Member (Ministry of Defense)
School Fifth High School
National Magic University
Ability Name Density Manipulation
Novel Volume 16, Chapter 2

Tsutsumi Kotona

They both attended Fifth High School school together and Kotona faked her age in order to match Katsushige's age. Katsushige sees her as more than a Guardian and on the day before the Yotsuba Family's annual New Year's Gathering (庆春会), he asked for Yotsuba Maya's permission to marry Kotona. After Katsushige gave up his candidacy for heir of the Yotsuba, Maya gave her permission and announced the engagement of Katsushige and Kotona during the gathering to a mix of groans and applause.

Tsutsumi Kanata

As his Guardian, Kanata watches over Katsushige.

Shiba Miyuki

Katsushige highly respects Miyuki for her superior magic ability and beauty. He was also Miyuki's rival as a candidate to become the Yotsuba Family Head. He considered Miyuki as a promising candidate, but thought his chances for becoming the heir weren't low and believed that in terms of combat power he held the superiority.

When Katsushige interfered during the fight between Tatsuya and Katsushige's guardians, Miyuki cast Niflheim on top of Katsushige which prevented him from further attacking. Katsushige cast a double layer barrier to ensure that the liquid nitrogen did not fall on him.

Shiba Tatsuya

He knows about Shiba Tatsuya's performance as Taurus Silver that contributes greatly to the Yotsuba’s finances and also about being a Strategic-Class Magician, as Japan’s trump card. Katsushige thinks that Material Burst is not Tatsuya's fault, but he cannot resist pressure from his dad to exclude Tatsuya from the Yotsuba.

As someone older than Tatsuya and part of the Yotsuba clan, he is aware about Tatsuya's past and his identities, as he mentions (about Tatsuya's first kill) that "Tatsuya killed a Skilled 30 year-old combat magician man when he was six" and was trained to become combat magician, a fact about Tatsuya that even Miyuki and Minami were unaware of.

Unlike many within the Yotsuba who think Tatsuya as a defective magician, he thinks that the current parameters to measure magicians are inappropriate to measure Tatsuya, and so thinks that Tatsuya is a very powerful magician. He stated that, he was sure if he fought with Tatsuya he would lose.

Following his father's plan to prevent Miyuki and Tatsuya from reaching the main mansion to attend the New Year's gathering, Katsushige ambushed Tatsuya, Miyuki and Yuuka's car by trying to drop an avalanche on them. Both parties then agree to settle things with a fight between Tatsuya against Katsushige's two Guardians, although Katsushige later interferes during the fight by attacking Tatsuya.

After Tatsuya displays his new magic Baryon Lance, Katsushige asks Tatsuya if he would look down on him. But Tatsuya clarifies by saying that it's only a backup in case Decomposition did not work against an opponent.


Katsushige trying to stop Tatsuya, Miyuki and Yuuka from reaching the mansion.