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Shibata Katsushige

Shibata Katsushige

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Character Name
Full Name Shibata Katsushige
Kanji 新発田 勝成
Furigana しばた・かつしげ
Personal Info
Age 23
Gender Male
Height 188 cm
  • Student (Former)
  • Potential Successor (Yotsuba)
  • Staff Member (Ministry of Defense)
School Fifth High School
National Magic University
Ability Name Density Manipulation
Novel Volume 16, Chapter 2

Shibata Katsushige (新発田 勝成) is one of the candidates for the next head of the Yotsuba Family.

Appearance and Personality

He is a tall young man and weighs 80 kg.

He is mostly busy with work in Ministry of Defense because that job requires him to report to work periodically on their day off.


Katsushige currently works for the Ministry of Defense as a staff member. [1]

Both Tsutsumi Kotona and Tsutsumi Kanata serve as Katsushige's Guardians. [1]

His father Shibata Osamu calls him to ask how he's doing, then moves on to talk about stopping Shiba Miyuki from reaching the Yotsuba Main House for the New Year's Celebration. The reason being to postpone her from becoming the next head in order to deal with sealing Tatsuya's power. Katsushige reluctantly agrees to help in order to keep anyone from being seriously injured. [1]


Katsushige also specializes in ordinary magic. He is an excellent magician who takes pride in his usage of a wide range of magic. He is one of the strongest combat magician in Yotsuba.

  • Density Manipulation - It is his signature magic, which, allows him to freely manipulate the density of gas, liquid and solid bodies. It has many usages such as creating gas bombs, water cutters and producing cracks on any kind of solid.


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