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Shiba Tatsurou


Character Name
Full Name Shiba Tatsurou
Kanji 司波 龍郎
Furigana しいばら・たつろう
Aliases Shiibara Tatsurou (Business Name)
Personal Info
Age 46
Gender Male
Height 180 cm
Weight 70 kg
Occupation Vice President (FLT)
Voiced By Takehito Koyasu (Anime)
Novel Volume 3, Chapter 2
Anime Episode 9, Nine Schools Competition II

Shiba Tatsurou (司波 龍郎) is the Vice President of Four Leaves Technology, and the major share holder who is in charge of all FLT Research & Development divisions.

Appearance and Personality

Compared to his interactions with his daughter, Miyuki, Tatsurou is extremely cold and uncaring towards his son, Tatsuya. Also, unlike with Miyuki, Tatsurou rarely communicates with him, not even to congratulate him on his admission to First High School. Tatsurou's "polite, caring father" attitude towards Miyuki and cold-heart attitude to Tatsuya results from his desire to avoid irritating the Main House and to protect himself.

It is also mentioned that his son's intelligence and abilities produce a fear that transcends jealousy and is closer to terror, causing him to lash out at his son. 


He was married to Yotsuba Miya until her death due to poor health caused by overuse of her magical abilities. His relationship with his deceased wife was devoid of love and was purely for the pursuit of money and power on his part. For the Yotsuba, their marriage was for the sole purpose of obtaining his superior genes for an excellent, powerful breed of Magicians as their offspring. He constantly tried to win Miya's affections by using money; money which he obtained by marrying her.

Less then half a year after her death, Tatsurou got remarried to Furuha Sayuri (Shiba Sayuri), his lover before and even during his marriage with Miya.


Magical Abilities

Tatsurou Ability

Tatsurou was thought to be extraordinary when he was young — since even for a Magician, he possesses an above normal quantity of Psions, thus his potential power made him highly prized as a Magician. It seems however, that according to the current magic technical system, the quantity of Psions one possesses does not influence the superiority or inferiority of magic ability. In the end, he could not make his potential power into actual power; he renounced trying to make his life a success as a magician. He is now the Vice President in FLT, and is the major shareholder, although the Yotsuba Family maintains power of attorney.