WK SA Spoiler Alert: This page contains spoilers. Read at your own risk.

The Seven Sages (七賢人) is a mysterious organization shrouded in secrecy. The USNA government was the one to coin its name. As its name suggest, it is comprised of seven members, all of whom remain unnamed to the world, although the USNA assumes that the organization heralds from within the country. 

The members of this group all have been granted access to the backdoor of the global monitoring system Echelon III developed by the USNA, known as Hliðskjálf. As such they are able to access any information they want from anywhere in the world, effectively making them "omniscient". 

Membership is not chosen, but seems to be drawn at random. Members are determined by the system itself, and the only known requirement is that the members must have the wealth of at least a middle class citizen. 

In truth, the Seven Sages are not really an "organization" as they do not appear to work together. Instead, the title is granted to the people with access to Hliðskjálf. 

Known Sages


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