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Self Marionette
Movement Type
Single Target
Known Users
Tomitsuka Hagane
Related Spells

Self Marionette (セルフ・マリオネット) is a Movement Type magic that covers the users body in order to manually move the users physical body.

This Magic Sequence attempts to suppress the flesh’s magical resistance as much as possible while prudently taking heed not to surpass the extents of the joints movements; this can help create attacks that should be impossible according to human anatomy and physics. [1]

The Psions that surrounds the body are neat and orderly, recreating an untouchable Eidos that only allows Self Marionette to pass. [1]

A weakness is that once a powerful blow is directly inflicted, this impression would rewrite the variables for the Magic Sequence. Using a Magic Sequence that did not have a complete command interface causes a theoretical miscalculation. [1]


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