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The Scorched Halloween (灼熱のハロウィン) refers to the events that took place between 3:30 PM of 30th and 31st October, 2095.

It began with the Great Asian Union attacking Yokohama, where the Thesis Competition was being held. A battle arose with the National Defense Force 101 Independent Magic-Equipped Battalion fighting alongside Ten Master Clans' descendants, volunteers, and students present at the event. 

After the battle was finished at Yokohama, Tatsuya under the name "Special Officer" Ooguro Ryuuya activated the Strategic-Class Magic Material Burst on a vessel in Tokyo Bay, annihilating it. Afterwards, he activated the spell once more on Zhènhai Naval Port and Geojedo Base offshore, destroying it in seconds and wiping out an entire fleet stationed there. 

Response by the Japanese Government

Though it's clear to everyone that Strategic-Class Magic was used in the the large scale destruction, the Japanese government hasn't disclosed any details. In response to inquiries from other countries through diplomatic channels, as well as requests for information disclosure from the mass media, the government declined and simply states that it's a "national security secret". [1]


The Scorched Halloween

Future historians would look back upon this day and refer to it as such.

It was a turning point in military history, just as it was a turning point in history.

This was the day that magic was proven to have surpassed mechanical, nuclear, and biological arms.

Bared before all was the truth that magic alone determined the outcome between victory and defeat.

This was the true dawn of history for the race known as Magicians, in all of its high glory and darkest suffering.

Volume 7, Chapter 13

  • Tatsuya is reprimanded by Yotsuba Maya who tries to convince him to hide at the Yotsuba mansion in order to avoid attention.
  • USNA suspects that Japan has an unregistered Strategic-Class Magician.
  • Tatsuya is forbidden by the Yotsuba to contact Major Kazama Harunobu.
  • Stars starts to move.
  • The other Ten Master Clans take notice, namely Saegusa Kouichi.
  • The Great Asian Union had lost their registered Strategic-Class Magician Liú Yúndé, and had to give concessions to Japan.
  • The Great Asian Union, having lost a prime symbol of their power, lose their standing in the global view as one of the superpowers.


A peace treaty between Japan and the Great Asian Union was concluded in November of 2095. [2]

The Great Asian Union reached a cease-fire accord with Japan in December of 2095, but then concluded tensions with a peace treaty that both sides signed in March of 2096. The South-East Asian League acted as mediator between the two sides during the negotiations. The remunerations Japan got in turn from the conflict were modest due to the devastation suffered by the Great Asian Union at the hands of Japan. [3]

  • There is a gap in the time between when the Peace Treaty was concluded.


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