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Sawamura Yoshio

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Character Name
Full Name Sawamura Yoshio
Kanji 小和村 喜夫
Furigana さわむら・よしお
Personal Info
Gender Male
Affiliation Culture Communication Network
Family Sawamura Maki (Daughter)
Occupation Corporation President
Novel Volume 12, Chapter 15 (Mentioned)

Sawamura Yoshio (小和村 喜夫) is the president of the Culture Communication Network. He is also the father of Sawamura Maki, an actress.


Yoshio had connections with the Anti-Magic factions and was planning to break the secret agreement with the Anti-Magic faction lead by Zhou Gongjin. This eventually led Zhou to go after Yoshio's daughter because Yoshio himself was in Paris. Shiba Tatsuya due to his own mission also happened to meet her as a masked figure at her apartment in order to discover her goals in trying to use Shippou Takuma and warning her to stay away from him. While he was leaving, however, he discovered the presence of the unknown people in a helicopter who were aiming at Maki, He destroyed them along with their stolen helicopter, in turn protecting Maki.[1]


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