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Sawamura Maki

Sawamura Maki

Character Name
Full Name Sawamura Maki
Kanji 小和村 真紀
Furigana さわむら・まき
Personal Info
Gender Female
Family Sawamura Yoshio (Father)
Occupation Actress
Novel Volume 12, Chapter 2

Sawamura Maki (小和村 真紀) is an actress who is presumably betrothed to a member of the Kitayama Family, but does not have an engagement ring. She has some connections with Shippou Takuma. She broadcasts her existence and is capable of using her legitimate acting talents to flirt and ensnare people. 

Appearance and Personality

In public she is seen as a kind and polite person, who has an amazing career in acting. However, she is truly a narcissistic person, who would manipulate other people without any concern or thought of remorse. She is shown to express great hatred and dislike towards people who foil her plans, and is shown to be slightly afraid of people who can see her true nature and thoughts. 


Sawamura Yoshio had connections with the Anti-Magic factions and was planning to break the secret agreement with the Anti-Magic faction to use magicians in the entertainment industry. She proposed a deal to Saegusa Kouichi, asking him not to intervene when that would happen. Kouichi eventually agreed, on the condition that whatever her side does they leave the Saegusa affiliated Magicians out of it.


  • Master Actress
She has the ability to change and control the expression on her face at will, which she has gained through her acting career. She can use her acting talents to change the impression that people have about her. 
  • Expert Manipulator
She uses her amazing acting talents to attract people with power and influence. She has shown that she can manipulate other people by reading their mood and controlling their emotions, so that she can redirect them towards an objective or action that can benefits her in some way. However, it is shown that her true nature and thoughts can be seen through by people with incredible insight.


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