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Sawaki Midori (沢木 碧) is a graduate of First High School. [1] He was a member of the Public Morals Committee. He has high grip strength, estimated to be around 100 kg (220 lb), and outside of the Triumvirate (Juumonji Katsuto, Watanabe Mari, and Saegusa Mayumi) is considered to be the number two fighter next to Hanzou Hattori.

Appearance and Personality

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei6465

Sawaki Midori with Tatsumi Koutarou

He is a handsome young man, and didn't care about the fact that Tatsuya is a Course 2 student, as long as he has ability.

He refused to be called anything other than his family name, since his personal name is most commonly given to females.

He is also a caring man and is very observant of the people in his surroundings, where in one occasion Tatsuya described it as a "very terrifying" observing skill.


Sawaki Ability

Magical Abilities

Described as the school's magic martial arts' ace, he is capable of taking down an opponent without the use of magic. 

He uses a spell to which he gave the embarrassing title of "Mach Fist" that emits purely physical attacks from the shock-waves created by his accelerated fists, something that even Tomitsuka Hagane is wary of.

Self Acceleration Magic

  • Mach Fist: 
Sawaki specializes in creating waves of air pressure with the speed of his fists. Rather than coating his hand in thick armor made of air, he widened the surface air without increasing the weight, and with magic he uses an accelerated fist to strike a clump of air. 
Since this is purely a physical technique, Tomitsuka's Contact Type Gram Demolition only provides slightly higher than normal protection against this spell. 
This spell was used to get around the rules of the Shield Down event, which stated that hitting anything, but the shield with a solid or liquid object attack was absolutely forbidden, but there were no guidelines on gaseous attacks.
Sawaki Pic


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