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Satomi Subaru


Character Name
Full Name Satomi Subaru
Kanji 里美 スバル
Furigana さとみ・すばる
Personal Info
Gender Female
Height 168 cm
Weight 56 kg
Occupation Student
School First High School
Year/Course First High
Year 1 Class D Course 1 - 2095
Year 2 Class D Course 1 - 2096
Year 3 Class D Course 1 - 2097
Voiced By Yuka Saitou (Anime)
Novel Volume 3, Chapter 4
Anime Episode 9, Nine Schools Competition II
Satomi ability

Physical Ability: 4 (Top) Intelligence: 2 (Upper Right) Special: 2 (Upper Left) Combat Ability: 2 (Lower Left) Magic Ability: 3 (Lower Right)

Satomi Subaru (里美 スバル) is a student of First High School, and a Year 2 student who was a representative for the Newcomers' Division of the AD 2095 Mirage Bat event.

Appearance and Personality

She wears glasses for the appearance it gives off. Although overall her appearance is boyish and her actions are theatrical. She has been compared to Watanabe Mari both in personality and appearances.


She is first introduced as a female freshmen who is one of the members Tatsuya is managing during the Nine Schools Competition in AD 2095.

Later on she is seen at the onsen together with all of the other freshman female competitors.

Subaru is originally a part of Course 1 Class B in the WEB Novels, but was changed to Class D in the published light novel version.


Her overall skills are unknown, but her specialty lies in Leap Magic. She also has inborn talent for Cognitive Inhibition, it being said to be the reason for her flamboyant behavior. Her abilities in this aren't great enough to be at Ono Haruka's level, but walking unnoticed by others would be an effortless task.


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