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WK SA Spoiler Alert: This page contains spoilers. Read at your own risk.

The Sakura Series (桜・シリーズ) are genetically altered individuals whom have had their disposition for magic strengthened. [1]


The focus of the Sakura Series is on creating heat resistant barriers that repel physical objects. Even though the functionality and variability aren't on par with the Jummonji Family's 'Phalanx', when judged solely on its utility as a defensive mechanism. [2][3] They're unrivaled in all of Japan. [2]

It is known that Augmented Magicians have short lifespans compared to the general public. Those of the Sakura Series aren't able to withstand continuous use of their magic for long periods of time. [2]


Sakura Honami is the genetic aunt to Sakura Minami. Minami is the child of an Augmented Magician, hence she is Honami's genetic niece. Meaning that Minami's mother is also a Sakura Series First Generation Augmented Magician, hence how she has the same DNA as Honami. [4]

First Generation

At a research institute during the last few days of continuous border conflicts, Sakurai Honami was "bought" by the Yotsuba Family before she was born. [1]

Second Generation


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