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Character Name
Full Name Sakai
Kanji 酒井
Furigana さかい
Personal Info
Age Imprisoned
Gender Male
Affiliation National Defense Force (General Headquarters)
Occupation Colonel (General Headquarters)
Novel Volume 13, Chapter 3 (Named)
Volume 13, Chapter 7 (First Appearance)

Sakai (酒井) is an officer in the National Defense Force. He is stationed at the National Defense Force General Headquarters.

Appearance & Personality


Colonel Sakai was at the core of the anti-Great Asia Union hardliners (the Hawks). [1]

He wanted high school students to join the National Defense Force, bypassing the Ministry of Defense in the process. [2]

He was the top commander during the defense of Sado in the north from the invading New Soviet Union, while the Okinawa Defense Navel Battle was taking place in the south. Ichijou Gouki had appealed to Sakai about whether a regiment-sized unit could be dispatched to Niigata, Hokuriku. The volunteers led by Gouki, along with Ichijou Masaki, were to retake Sado before the regiment would be sent in. Afterwards, both Gouki and Sakai grew apart, and have not been in contact since then. [2]

Sakai, along with the rest of the military personnel that took part in the Parasite Doll experiment, were sentenced to prison. [3]


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