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Saeki Hiromi

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Character Name
Full Name Saeki Hiromi
Kanji 佐伯 広海
Furigana さえき・ひろみ
Personal Info
Epithet Silver Fox
Age 59
Gender Female
Affiliation National Defense Force (101 Independent Magic-Equipped Battalion)
Occupation Major General (101st Brigade)
Novel Volume 13, Chapter 2

Kazama Harunobu

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Kudou Retsu

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Yotsuba Maya

Saeki is wary of Maya's and the Yotsuba's influence in National Defense Force, like other Ten Master Clans are. She is afraid of Maya's power. If she recalls correctly, former head of Yotsuba House and Maya's Father, Yotsuba Genzou , is capable of killing his enemy with magic, just by showing himself in video link. She thinks Maya also has that kind of power to kill her enemy just as her father did. As someone who probably held her life and death in their palm, she is very cautious even when she is talking with Maya via video link.

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