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Saeki Hiromi

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Character Name
Full Name Saeki Hiromi
Kanji 佐伯 広海
Furigana さえき・ひろみ
Personal Info
Epithet Silver Fox
Age 59
Gender Female
Affiliation National Defense Force (101 Independent Magic-Equipped Battalion)
Occupation Major General (101st Brigade)
Novel Volume 13, Chapter 2

Saeki Hiromi (佐伯 広海) nicknamed "Silver Fox", a flag officer in the National Defense Force. She is the former head of the National Defense Force 101 Independent Magic-Equipped Battalion.  

Appearance & Personality

Saeki Hiromi has streaks of silver running through her grey hair, but it is her analytical skills that earned her the nickname, "Silver Fox".

Saeki Hiromi is a very cautious person who believes that being overly dependent on the Ten Master Clans for national defense is very dangerous. She is extremely critical of the Ten Master Clans, but she doesn't have any emotional opposition or hatred against magicians in general.


She is the commander of the National Defense Force 101 Independent Magic-Equipped Battalion, and is responsible for Kazama Harunobu's promotion from Captain to Major. The promotion of rank was given for his service during the Great Indochina War against the Great Asian Union, which previously caused his rank to be frozen at Captain. She is one of the most vocal opponents of the Ten Master Clans' influence in the military. 

Her persistence in raising flags about military dependence on the Ten Master Clans garnered opposition from Kudou Retsu, a former colleague and now political rival. 

Her connections to Kazama go back to the Great Indochina War, during which she was serving as an information analyst. Saeki aided him in his unauthorized attack against the Great Asian Union by helping to plan his operations. They have maintained their close bond.

She is not a Magician, although she does possess weak magical talent.

After their promotions, Kazama Harunobu took over command of the entire 101 Brigade from Saeki. [1]


  1. Volume 17, Chapter 1

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