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Saegusa Tomokazu

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Character Name
Full Name Saegusa Tomokazu
Kanji 七草 智一
Furigana さえぐさ・ともかず
Personal Info
Age 26
Gender Male
Affiliation Ten Master Clans (Saegusa)
Novel Volume 18, Chapter 6

Saegusa Tomokazu (七草 智一) is the eldest son of the Saegusa Family, which is one of the Ten Master Clans.

Appearance & Personality

Tomokazu looks similar to his father, Kouichi in every aspect, except without the sunglasses. Tomokazu also happens to have a serious personality that isn't anywhere as poisonous as his fathers. He also loves and cares for his sisters and their well-being. [1]


Tomokazu is three years older than Koujirou and turns 27 in 2097. [1]

Tomokazu lives in a condo within the heart of Tokyo with his wife. [2]

He was one of the individuals that arrived to the scene of the Ten Master Clans Conference in Hakone after the suicide bombing that Jiedo Heigu orchestrated. He conversed with Juumonji Katsuto about what happened after seeing his half-sisters who greeted him by saying "Aniki" (Big Brother). [3]


Tomokazu is less powerful than his younger brother Saegusa Koujirou, but is just as powerful as his younger sister Saegusa Mayumi. He is the most dexterous among the siblings. [1]


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