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WK SA Spoiler Alert: This page contains spoilers. Read at your own risk.

STARS (スターズ) is a USNA military organization that has the reputation of being the most powerful force of Magicians in the world. [1] Their work involves carrying out Search and Destroy missions to eliminate any targets deemed a threat to the USNA and helping gather intelligence related to Magic ranging from infiltration to special ops. They answer to and is under the direct command of the USNA Joint Chief of Staff.


They have an amazing ability in gathering intelligence and investigating. As the most powerful force of magicians, Stars has many talented, high level combat magicians, each having a special, powerful ability or Magic in their arsenal. Since Stars is a military force with magical capabilities, they have all the latest state of the art weapons, CADs, and technology. It was shown they have their own exclusive VTOL aircraft [Notes 1] to travel to and from missions back to their base. [2]

Rank and Class

The members of Stars were categorized into 1st Class Planets, 2nd Class Planets, Constellations, Comets, and Satellites. What class you were determined what general kind of duties and orders they would receive in Stars.

1st Class Planets, 2nd Class Planets, and Constellations - were treated as front-line fighting troops.

Comets and Satellites - generally filled the role of auxiliaries or undercover agents.

Structure & Formation

MKNR Visitors Manga-STARS
  • Stars consists of 12 Units, each led by a Captain and then a High Commander.
  • The Captain is a subordinate to the High Commander in charge of taking care of their own unit.
  • Positions/Ranks in Stars do not always correlate with Military Rank, and is rather odd arrangement for a military unit.
  • It is unheard of for a Capt. to outrank the High Commander, but common to see the High Commander & Captains sharing the same rank. 6 other Captains shared the same rank of Major with their respective High Commanders.
  • Major Canopus, call sign “Two” within Stars, Capt. of the 1st Unit and de-facto High Commander in absence of Maj. Angie Sirius. While the remaining 6 held the rank of Captain. [3]


Stars consists of twelve units, each led by a captain and then the High Commander. Positions within Stars do not necessarily correlate with military rank, which is a rather odd arrangement for a military unit. It is unheard of for a captain to outrank the High Commander, but it is quite common to see the High Commander and the captains to share the same rank. Currently, besides the six who held the rank of captain, the other six shared the same rank of major with the High Commander.

  • Major Angie Sirius (アンジー・シリウス) - She is the High Commander of Stars, who is quarter Japanese. She isn't particularly fond of her line of work, especially ones involve executing her own comrades.
  • Major William Sirius (ウィリアム・シリウス) - He is the former High Commander of Stars, who also developed Molecular Divider. He is currently deceased.
  • Major Benjamin Canopus (ベンジャミン・カノープス) - Call sign "Two" within Stars, captain of the first unit and de-facto High Commander when the High Commander is absent. A tough but vigorous man in his forties, the atmosphere around him was completely unlike the soldiers or civilian industrialists who clawed their way through the ranks. He is kind and caring towards his commanding officer when she is feeling down and is a father figure to her.
  • Lieutenant Alfred Fomalhaut (アルフレッド・フォーマルハウト) - An American combat magician that in the past had received the First Class Star of Honor. He became a fugitive that deserted the military. His talent as a combat magician lies in his ability to use Pyrokinesis, a fire starter ability that is considered a special power (once known as a Superpower) rather than a modern magic classified in a system. He was later hunted down and executed by Angie Sirius in accordance with the special provision granted under the federal military law and authority as the commanding officer of Stars.
  • Charles Sullivan (チャールズ・サリバン) - Originally a Stars member who couldn't use magic without a CAD. Sullivan has deserted USNA after obtaining the ability to use his magic without a CAD with the aid of a parasite.
  • Iapetus (イアペタス) - Satellite Class
  • Mimas (ミマス) - Satellite Class
  • Titan (タイタン) - Satellite Class
  • Enceladus (エンケラドス) - Satellite Class


Stardust, also called Suicide Soldiers, are soldiers heavily genetically modified to the brink of death. [4]

  • Clara (クレア) - "Hunter Q"
  • Rachel (レイチェル) - "Hunter R"


Trivia / Extra Information - Major Sirius is somewhat displeased that Canopus, despite being much older than her, holds the same rank as her and not higher, which makes her uneasy.


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