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WK SA Spoiler Alert: This page contains spoilers. Read at your own risk.

The Rozen (ローゼン) Family hails from Germany.


Rozen Magicraft is a German Magic Engineering Equipment Manufacturer, which is considered to be one of the most influential Magic Engineering companies in the world, alongside Maximilien Device that manufactures CAD. [1] It is also one of the largest manufacturers in the industry. [2]

The Head of the Rozen Family serves as President of Rozen Magicraft. [3]

Bastian Rozen had five sons and daughters in all. [3]


  • Bastian Rozen (バスティアン・ローゼン) - (Former Family Head, Deceased)
    • Ernst Rozen's Father - (Current Family Head)
      • Ernst Rozen (エルンスト・ローゼン) - (Japanese Branch President)
    • Lucas Rozen (ルーカス・ローゼン) - (Deceased)


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