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Rosen Magicraft

Rosen Magicraft

Full Name Rosen Magicraft
Furigana ローゼン・マギクラフト
Purpose Magic Engineering Equipment Manufacturer
Leaders Rosen
Associated Individuals Bastian Rosen, Frederick Rosen, Ernst Rosen
Affiliated Country Germany

Rosen Magicraft (ローゼン・マギクラフト) is a German Magic Engineering Equipment Manufacturer. [1]


Rosen Magicraft considered to be one of the most influential Magic Engineering companies in the world, alongside Maximilien Device that manufactures CAD. [1] It is also one of the largest manufacturers in the industry. [2]

Bastian Rosen was the former President of Rosen Magicraft, the current President is his son, whom is Ernst Rosen's father. [3]

Ernst Rosen is the current President of the Japanese Branch of Rosen Magicraft. [1]

The scientists of Rosen Magicraft were commissioned to research and create the (Burg Folge) Fortress Series for the German Army. [3]



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