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Richard Sun

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Character Name
Full Name Richard Sun
Kanji リチャード 孫
Furigana リチャード・スン
Aliases Sun Gongming
Personal Info
Age Deceased
Gender Male
Affiliation No Head Dragon
Occupation Crime Boss
Novel Volume 4, Chapter 12 (Mentioned)

Richard Sun (リチャード・スン) is said to be the leader of No Head Dragon.


It was noted that he has never appeared before his subordinates. He has a adopted daughter, Sun Meilin and is also the grandson of Jiedo Heigu who is the leader of Blanche and one of the Seven Sages.

Richard Sun's public persona is Sun Gongming. He lives in Hong Kong's upper class residential sector. The information about Richard Sun - his residential address, name of the office building, frequented night clubs, etc were provided to Tatsuya by Douglas Huang, Richard Sun's confidants. [1]

Richard Sun was assassinated in August of AD 2095, soon afterwards the No Head Dragon organization collapsed. [2]


  1. Volume 4, Chapter 12
  2. Volume 5, The Honour Student's Supplementary Lesson

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