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Non-Systematic Type
Single Target
Known Users
Shiba Tatsuya
Related Spells

Resonate is a Non-Systematic Type magic that is used for incapacitating persons.

...'Resonate', eh, Non-Systematic Magic.

So he used biological waves and the Psion wave to create resonance in order to incapacitate his opponent?

Hearing Kichijouji's words, Masaki nodded.

It appears that he's calibrated the right hand to use Non-Systematic Magic and the left hand to use Weight-Type Magic and is using them interchangeably.

George... Don't you think this guy's Non-Systematic Magic contains traces of Ancient Magic?

You think so too, Masaki? Is it Shugendo... Or even Ninjitsu?

Biological waves — historically known as 'chi', is actually quite similar to the magic he's using.

Ichijou Masaki and Kichijouji Shinkurou, Volume 4, Chapter 10


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