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Oscillation Type
Single, Multiple, Area of Effect
Known Users
Kitayama Shizuku
Kitayama Benio
Related Spells
Oscillation Mine

Resonance (共振) is an Oscillation-Type Magic that breaks up its target by finding the object's self-resonance frequency, and applying and amplifying that oscillation causing the resulting forces disintegrating it.

The first person displaying this magic was Kitayama Shizuku in the Light Novel series. Her proficiency with Resonance is the result of her mother's training, who specialized in this spell.

It uses an irregular frequency through the use of Oscillation-Type Magic into her opponent's field, and locks the frequency just as it starts to resonate and raising the output at the same time, thus creates 'resonance'. [1]

Originally, 'Resonance' was a type of two-stage process. When applying Oscillation-Type Magic onto the target object, a Magician could feel out the resonance point based on the 'Eidos' resistance to the interfering Magic Sequence. When using regular intervals, then an alternate method would have to be used to identify the target's resonance. [1]


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