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Reminiscence Chapter
Release Date December 10, 2012
ISBN ISBN 978-4-04-891158-0
On Cover Shiba Miyuki, Shiba Tatsuya
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Yokohama Disturbance Chapter (II)
Halloween Party in November

Reminiscence Chapter is the 8th volume in the Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Light Novel series

The story is set 3 years before the siblings, Tatsuya and Miyuki enroll in First High School, when Okinawa is invaded. This is the moment where Miyuki starts to understand and feel far more for her brother than sibling love. It also explains some important points of what kinds of experiences Tatsuya went through and why his practical magic scores are poor.

Chapter 1

A week after the events of the day known as "The Scorched Halloween", Miyuki and Tatsuya find themselves at the Yotsuba Main House after being invited by their aunt. Miyuki feels slightly uneasy but is reassured by her brother that they are not the same as they were three years ago, when they were last here. Miyuki, feeling more composed, begins to reminisce about that time three years ago.

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

Chapter 10

Chapter 11

Chapter 12

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Chapter 14

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Chapter 16

Chapter 17

Chapter 18

Untouchable - The Nightmare of 2062

It was a time of war, World War III.

While on a school trip to Taipei, Yotsuba Maya is kidnapped and untold horrors were inflicted upon her, crushing her mind. Saegusa Kouichi, her fiance, lost an eye while trying to protect Maya from being kidnapped and got seriously injured.

After she was rescued, Yotsuba Genzou ordered Yotsuba Miya to use her unique magic on Maya to separate the emotions from the memories of the atrocities she had suffered through, for fear that they would destroy her. Unable to only target the specific memory, Miya ends up removing the emotions from all of the memories she had experienced for the past twelve years. After waking up, Maya blames Miya for what she had done, saying that she had "killed" the person she was before, and her personality changes. Her betrothal to Saegusa Kouichi is dissolved, due to the fact that the abduction event had left her body broken and unable to bear children.

Unwilling to let the defilement of his daughter go, Yotsuba Genzou is supported by the Yotsuba Clan to go to war with the organization behind this incident. 

After everything is over with, thirty members of the Yotsuba clan had died. On the other hand, the Dahan; and  the leading organization in magical research in Asia, the Kunlunfang Institute, which was responsible for the kidnapping, had lost almost four thousand members and their commanding core destroyed. Merely 30 people from the Yotsuba clan effectively obliterated the Dahan and wiped out all of their research on magic. Dahan then internally collapsed, leading to the Great Asia Alliance unifying Asia. This was the end of WWIII.

After the end of World War III, to those who knew the truth about what happened to Dahan, the Yotsuba name became synonymous with the word "Untouchable", and instilling fear in everyone who knew.


  1. Only Angie Sirius was affiliated with the Stars, Miller is based in Alaska, and Bart remains fixed in Gibraltar.
  2. Kondrachenko remained immobile at Black Sea base due to advanced age.
  3. KIA'd on 2095/10/31 war with Japan
  4. Provided by the USNA
  5. Ozone Circle was a joint dev't of the old EU as an ozone hole countermeasure. Prototyped and completed in the UK, its Activation Sequences were opened to the former EU nations as per agreement.
  6. Bahamut's activation sequence was a USNA and Japan joint dev't, provided to Turkey by Japan.
  7. Provided by Indo-Persian Union
  8. Chapter one serves chiefly as an intro to the flashback to three years ago. As such, it is a short chapter without much information.

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