WK SA Spoiler Alert: This page contains spoilers. Read at your own risk.

Holy Relics (聖遺物) or simply "Relics" (レリック) are OOParts [1] that contain magical nature that had unidentifiable artificial components, yet formed naturally under highly challenging conditions.

The Antinite used for Cast Jamming cannot be fully classified as a type of relic, but its effect are as mysterious.

Magatama-Class Relic

AN19 017

The Magatama is a type of Relic introduced in the Sixth Volume. According to Shiba Sayuri, research has discovered that this relic possesses the ability to store Magic Sequences.

The National Defense Force had demanded Four Leaves Technology to synthesize the relic, and Sayuri took up the project. She ultimately, and unwillingly asked Tatsuya's help analyzing it.


  1. Short for "Out Of Place Artifacts". Essentially, these were "items that did not belong in this time" and were objects that exceeded the level of science from when it was unearthed; these objects are simply unable to be developed with technology at the time.

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