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Raymond Sage Clark

Raymond Clark

Character Name
Full Name Raymond Sage Clark
Furigana レイモンド・S・クラーク
Personal Info
Gender Male
Novel Volume 10, Chapter 8

Raymond Sage Clark (レイモンド・S・クラーク) is one of the Seven Sages. He is a sophomore at a high school in Berkeley, California, where Shizuku attended as an exchange student. As one of the Seven Sages, he has full access to Hliðskjálf (フリズスキャルヴ) which is a backdoor entrance into the system called Echelon III; an information interception network developed by the USNA.

Appearance and Personality

Raymond is a caucasian with blonde hair and blue eyes. He is a person who is zealous about acquiring knowledge. He also likes to investigate about specific things here and there, but amassing information without a specific topic is closer to being a hobby of his. Speed reading and memorization are Raymond's forte. He also has some kind of sixth sense for detecting fishy affairs.


He gave Shizuku information about the experiment in Dallas and tells Tatsuya things about the Paranormal Parasite and about another Sage, Jiedo Heigu. [1]

He also informed Angie Sirius about the missiles stolen by Jiedo Heigu, and that he has set sails to Japan. [2]


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  2. Volume 17, Chapter 4

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