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Prologue of Disturbance
Release Date 2017
On Cover Miyuki on preview
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Southern Sea Riot

Prologue of Disturbance will be the 21st volume in the Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Light Novel series.


AD 31 March 2097. A Brazilian Strategic-Class Magician "Synchronize Linear Fusion" has been used in South America continent. Have been officially announced twelve thousand casualties. This report make seeds of fear to grow; these seeds were planted from the scorched Halloween event. People starts fearing magicians. Civil War at USNA's old Mexico, riots at Germany, Ukraine Rebellion at New Soviet Union. The storm of disturbance that is shaking the world, is about to hit Japan.

AD 31 April 2097 at National Magic University First High School. Tatsuya and Miyuki promoted to third year. On the way home, they receive invitation from Katsuto. The invitation letter is sent to younger generation of 10 Master Clans + 18 Supporting Clans. The meeting's agenda is to discuss how to react to the public's opinion on magicians.

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