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Pressure Slash


Weight Type
Single Target
Known Users
Chiba Naotsugu
Watanabe Mari
Parasite Doll (experimental artificial humanoid combat unit)
Related Spells

Pressure Slash (圧斬り) is a Weight Type Magic that uses the metal coil that is extended from the tip of the rod to form a thin repulsion field that can slice through anything it touches. Chiba Naotsugu utilizes it with his short-bladed baton to expand his weapon's range to a length of a long sword.

Gravity Dagger

The dirt cannonball was being blocked by the enemy’s hand just as he was avoiding the attacks from the Gravity Dagger (they also referred to the Pressure Blade’s flying edge as the G-Dagger). The highly mobile Parasite doll’s attacks were being dodged as if her blows had been telegraphed to the enemy, who also voluntarily retreated just as the repulsion barrier began to manifest. While their side had not reported any major damage, it was plain that their enemy was now clued in to the movements of the Prime Four.

For the first time, the Magician wearing the Mobile Armor seized the initiative on offense. The dolls altered their combat pattern by leading with two shots from the G-Dagger towards the legs, but they were immediately dispersed shortly after being fired.

Volume 13, Chapter 7


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