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Polyhedra Handle


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Tsuzura Kazuo
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Polyhedra Handle (ポリヒドラ・ハンドル) is a powerful and very effective spell. There are two main practical areas of using it. The theory it is based on has high value in magic research.

Physical application

The "Polyhedra Handle" is a magic that breaks up physical objects into pyramids and quadratic prisms and manipulates them to form large-scale construct variations from these simple projections. Modern magic did not excel in manipulating one aspect of an object.
In order to halt the underground passage from caving in, the typical approach would have been to set the entire underground passage as the target. Instead, Polyhedra Handle split one object (the ceiling) into multiple components and then sought to alter one component in order to affect the entire whole. Of course, this required the ability to separate one object into multiple tiny pieces. Magicians capable of doing so could consciously create miracles when it would be impossible otherwise. [1]

Prediction application

However, Polyhedron Magic theory's utility as a stepping stone to solving deficiencies in modern magic like partial phenomena changes had been overshadowed by its potential to predict the future.
By using a recognition system to capture the entire world seen as three dimensional objects along with the myriad interactions between these objects in the world, the caster could view the various interactions through an abstract, three dimensional projection. This abstract model for viewing the world allowed a certain degree of data manipulation to project the future to be somewhat facile. [2]


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