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Outer-Systematic Mental Interference
Single Target
Known Users
Tsukuba Touka
Related Spells
Mental Design Interference

Pledge (誓約) is a Mental Interference Magic used by Tsukuba Touka.

Pledge is cast under the consent of the magician, it limits the mental activity of a chosen subject semi-permanently. The mind of a target cannot be bound unilaterally, for a "key" exists to release the partner’s independent will. It's a magic which enables partial control over someone while still maintaining the emotional state of the controlled subject. [1]

Tatsuya is the only known subject for this magic to be used on, and Miyuki being the "key" to releasing it. A side-effect of the magic is less control of her powers and so causes Miyuki's power to run rampant when she becomes emotional. [2]


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