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Phantom Blow
Non-Systematic Type
Single Target
Known Users
Shiba Tatsuya
Kuroba Fumiya
Related Spells
Direct Pain

Phantom Blow (ファントム・ブロウ) is a flashy but intangible attack that can incapacitate the opponent by causing concussive-like symptoms using a single Psion shock-wave. The power of this technique can vary depending on the user and the specifications of the user's CAD.

It was hinted to be a Non-Systematic Magic by Kichijouji Shinkurou and the mechanics of the magic were described (as an unnamed spell) to be Non-Systematic in nature by Tatsuya.

Version Outer-Systematic Magic

The Outer-Systematic Magic, ‘Phantom Blow’.

Tatsuya had used it in last year’s Newcomer Division, but compared to Tatsuya’s, this was much more powerful. It was not just that; Fumiya was using more than phantom blow. Under the cover of the flashier magic, another magic was being slipped in, ‘Direct Pain’, Fumiya’s specialty; a magic he alone could use to imprint pain directly into his opponent’s mind.

He had stepped it down so that any magicians in the stands wouldn’t notice, but even so, one blow was enough to take out Takuma’s mind. As a result, people were unaware of Direct Pain and only saw a powerful Phantom Blow.

Naturally, being mistaken about the source of such power did not change the effect. The accumulated effect of the pain in his mind was clearly keeping Takuma from concentrating.

A decreased ability to concentrate decreased the force of one’s magic. A decline in concentration decreased the force of the magic; there was a direct correlation between concentration and the success rate of magic. Takuma was trying to attack with ‘Stone Shower’ -- a magic that used herd control to spray an opponent with a concentration of pebbles -- in order to stop Fumiya’s movements.

Stones whirled in Takuma’s vicinity.

However, they did not attack Fumiya; they sprinkled down directly in front of the boulder Fumiya was standing on. Direct Pain was being emitted from Fumiya’s hand concealed by Phantom Blow.

Volume 13, Chapter 6


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