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Sensory Systematic Type Category:Ancient Magic
Area of Effect
Known Users
Angelina Kudou Shields
Kudou Retsu
Kudou Retsu's Younger Brother
Kudou Family
Kudou Minoru
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Parade (パレード) is originally an illusion magic that writes coordinates into a false body that is a superficial duplicate that can't be differentiated with the caster.

It's a Kudou Family magic developed by Kudou Retsu himself when Kokonoe Yakumo's predecessor taught it to him at the Ninth Institute.

Kudou Retsu learned by focusing on creating a body clone, his magic, 'Parade', focuses on changing the image of the user. In Lina's case, her clone's appearance is changed into an image of a golden eyed woman with pink, wild hair, while wearing a mask. This magic is helpful during Lina's fights since all of her opponents' attacks couldn't work on the clone, causing them to have difficulties in fighting her. Thus, in order to break through 'Parade', it's necessary to either locate the body between the time when the old illusion breaks down and a new illusion is created or by disregarding the five senses, one can find the coordinates of the body directly in the dimension of information. Shiba Tatsuya is the only person capable of doing the latter. [1]

Tatsuya & Maya Discussing About Parade

Tatsuya asks Maya about the workings of Kudou Family’s Counter Magic ‘Parade’. Maya bursts into laughter and deflects the question by telling Tatsuya that ‘Parade’ is one of Kudou Family’s closely guarded secret and so she won’t know about it. Tatsuya pushes further by saying that she was his student and even though she doesn’t know the Magic Sequence, to at least tell the ins and outs.

Tatsuya presents his own hypothesis about it to Maya – "Counter Magic “Parade” applies Data Fortification on your own Eidos and rewrites or alters your appearance. To be precise, it is a Magic Sequence that applies a different appearance or a fake mask on the Eidos and creates a false appearance, using the new appearance to mask the original in order to protect the real form from hostile magical effects, correct?".

Maya responds by saying that ‘Alteration’ Magic cannot be achieved in the real world. Tatsuya further discusses about ‘Parade’ with Maya stating - "Rather than using “Alteration”, a simple adjust at the visual level using Light Refraction Magic would be enough. The problem lies in that Light Refraction Magic cannot escape my “eye”, hence where the issue lies". Tatsuya further mentions that ‘Mist Dispersal’ was also avoided which surprises Miyuki. Maya replies that then Trident should have no problem.

Tatsuya asks Maya if Parade can be cast on top of itself, to which she reveals that, in regards to Parade, Kudou Retsu’s younger brother was much more adept at it.


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