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Oumi Kazukiyo

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Character Name
Full Name Oumi Kazukiyo
Kanji 近江 円麿
Furigana おうみ・かずきよ
Aliases Doll Maker
Personal Info
Age Deceased
Gender Male
Ability Name BS Magic
Novel Volume 18, Chapter 7 (Mentioned)

Oumi Kazukiyo (近江 円麿) is an Ancient Magician who goes by the pseudonym "Doll-Maker". [1]


He is descended from Taoists who emigrated from the continent around 150 years ago. [2]

It was rumored that he was a practitioner in forbidden magic, manipulating puppet corpses. The Magic Association marked him as a suspicious person. [1]

He had been living at a mansion in Kamakura. [3]

Jiedo Heigu killed Oumi. [2]


Magical Abilities

He is proficient in the SB Magic from the continent that manipulates corpses by infusing them with Spiritual Beings. [1]


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