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Ninjutsu (忍術) sometimes used interchangeably with the modern term ninpō (忍法) is the martial art, strategy, and tactics. In Mahouka, it is a type of Ancient Magic.


At a time when magic was becoming the target of science, yet still concealed from the public world, and thought of as fiction, it was revealed that masteries such as ninjutsu had somehow become classified not just as mere forms of medieval martial arts but categories of magic.

Yet rather than fiction, it’s probably closer to think of it as a mysterious "art".

Naturally, as with other magic systems, the legend doesn’t tell the whole truth.

The "transformations" in the ninjutsu of storytellers are just high speed movement and illusions.

—Reference - Volume 1, Chapter 2


Ep 8 (2)

Yakumo using Onibi.

Onibi (鬼火, "Will-o'-the-wisp")

A high-quality illusion spell, which produces ghostly orbs of light, swirling around the user. The orbs created by the Ninjutsu Magic are more accurate and more mobile than those made by Modern Magic.


Matoi (enshroud)

It focuses on creating a body clone of the user, and is the original Ancient Magic version of Parade.

Known Users:

Mirage Cloak


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