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The National Defense Forces Intelligence Department (国防軍情報部) is an organization of the National Defense Forces.

It's natural for an intelligence organization to have a side where "the right hand has no idea what the left hand is doing", but this especially holds true for the National Defense Forces Intelligence Department. Lacking initiative is still excusable, yet each department has their own sponsor, thus it's also true that each one follows their own special interests to the point of disunity. The National Defense Forces Intelligence Divisions lack unity. [1]


The headquarters of the Counterintelligence Third Division is located underground beneath a medium-sized building within a corner of Ichigaya. [1]

In the Ministry of Defense, the main office of the National Defense Forces intelligence Department is a façade for the central headquarters. The "basement" in the building, in Ichigaya is one of the central headquarters. This is a central headquarters, but referring to it as "one of them" would seem odd and as such, it's the product of risk management in order to prevent a crisis of "being paralyzed from the collapse of a headquarters" from occurring. [1]


Counterintelligence Third Division (防諜第三課)

The Saegusa Family is the real sponsor of the Counterintelligence Third Division who is deeply entwined with one of the primary financial groups in the field of electronics manufacturing and at the same time is the second largest military supplier in the country. [1]

National Defense Army Intelligence Department (国防陸軍情報部)

There is a secret agreement that talented members of the Tooyama Family be apart of the Army Intelligence Department, where they hide their identities to engage in missions. [2]

Capital City District Counterintelligence Affiliated Unit (首都方面防諜部隊所属)



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