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The Mountaineering Club is an outdoors club that has students train through physical exercise to strengthen their bodies in a man-made forest behind First High School. The Club President is Agata Kenshiro.


Leo and Minami are members of the Club. It is the perfect place for students to train and condition their bodies, for those who aspire to become soldiers, policeman, and rescue workers. Tatsuya often joins in club's activities during his free time while waiting for Miyuki to finish up her Student Council Activities. Tatsuya is also referred to as an 'honorary member' by Mountaineering Club members because although he is not a member of the club itself, he is allowed to join in on the club's activities in exchange for tuning up the club members CAD's.

This man-made forest wasn't just for practicing magic. In order to fulfill the needs of students who aspired to take the path of soldiers, policemen and rescue workers for physical training, the density of all the trees and the ups and downs of the ground were all calculated for usefulness; the ponds, the sandy soil, the running paths and the rest were carefully positioned. Also, various devices and instruments were installed. As a result, it served as a base for activities of more than just clubs that took part in competitions; they shared it with clubs centered purely on outdoor physical activities.

—Narrator's description about Mountaineering Club, Volume 13, Chapter 1


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