Morisaki Shun

Morisaki Shun Anime

Character Name
Full Name Morisaki Shun
Kanji 森崎 駿
Furigana もりさき・しゅん
Personal Info
Gender Male
Height 170 cm
Weight 60 kg
School First High School
Year/Course First High
Year 1 Class A Course 1 - 2095
Year 2 Class A Course 1 - 2096
Year 3 Class A Course 1 - 2097
Ability Name
  • Quickdraw
  • Drawless
Voiced By Takashi Oohara (Anime)
Novel Volume 1, Chapter 1
Manga Volume 1, Chapter 3
Anime Episode 1, Enrollment Chapter I
Spin-off Manga Volume 1, Chapter 4
Morisaki ability

Shiba Tatsuya

Morisaki holds a great dislike towards Tatsuya for his status as a "Weed". This view is only one-sided, as Tatsuya himself does not really care about Morisaki all that much.

Even after receiving help from Tatsuya in avoiding punishment from the Public Morals Committee, he declared that he didn't need help and that he (Tatsuya) shouldn't expect any thanks. After the two officially join the Public Morals Committee, he insults Tatsuya for using two CADs which would cancel each other out.

He is one of the people who refused to let the looked down Engineer aid with maintenance of CADs of the rookies in the boys' division, in the Nine Schools Competition (AD 2095) Newcomers Division. During the school's celebration over the outstanding results of first newcomers' day, the girls thanked the boys for allowing them to monopolize Tatsuya (as the participants under his care had achieved unprecedented results). Morisaki, out of frustration, left the room, which showed that he still refused to acknowledge a "Weed". This frustration and Bloom pride, wounded by Tatsuya's achievements, (as a Course 2 student's / Weed's) has eventually been overcome. [1]

During the hearing of the Shippou Takuma - Saegusa Kasumi incident in AD 2096, held by the Public Morals Committee Chief Chiyoda Kanon, Tatsuya embarrasses him with referring to their first day incident.

He and the other students of the First High School were afraid of Tatsuya during the first week of the semester after he was revealed to be a member of the Yotsuba Clan. [2]

Shiba Miyuki

Morisaki holds strong affection toward Miyuki. In the spin-off manga, he attempts to impress her and tries to forcefully improve their relationship, along with the other Course 1 students, by trying to spend as much time as they can with her, going as far as to forcefully push away Tatsuya's group during lunch.

Morisaki declares that Miyuki, as a fellow "Bloom", shouldn't be around a bunch of "Weeds".


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  2. Volume 17

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