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Momoyama Azuma

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Character Name
Full Name Momoyama Azuma
Kanji 百山 東
Furigana ももやま・あずま
Personal Info
Age 71
Gender Male
Affiliation First High School
Occupation Principal
Novel Volume 12, Chapter 13

Momoyama Azuma (百山 東) is the principal of First High School.


Momoyama is 71 years old as of April AD 2096. [1]

Momoyama has been First High School's principal for 11 years. He is widely known for contributing greatly to the establishment of higher education for Magicians. At the same time, he has neglected the differences between Course 1 and Course 2 students and has been criticized for it. He is also considered an authority in higher education, and his connections span across multiple fields. As a result, he is an individual others fear. [1]


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