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Molecular Divider
Systematic Magic
Single Target
Known Users
William Sirius
Angelina Kudou Shields
Benjamin Canopus
Related Spells

Molecular Divider (分子ディバイダー) is a secret technique that weakens molecular bonds. It was developed by Major William Sirius, a previous USNA Combat Magician Commander. A classified USNA military magic, which Lina learned after surpassing the previous user of it. [1]

Kichijouji Shinkurou mistook Tatsuya's Decomposition Magic for Molecular Divider when he witnesses it. Tatsuya in turn uses this misunderstanding to his advantage by implying that it was what it seemed, in order to conceal the true nature of his abilities. [1]

During her fight against Tatsuya, she activates it with her knife CAD. [2] This type of combat knife seems to be a standard issue hand-to-hand combat weapon of Stars, because Stardust members tasked to suppress and capture Tatsuya were also equipped with them.


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