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Mock Teleportation
Weight Type Movement Type
Convergence Type Dispersal Type
Single Target, Multiple Targets
Known Users
Kuroba Ayako
Related Spells

Mock Teleportation (擬似瞬間移動) is a type of magic that removes an object's inertia (including the human body), surrounds it with a cocoon of air, and creates an even larger vacuum tunnel around it to move the object through that tunnel. This is the only magic with four processes that utilizes Weight Type, Movement Type, Convergence Type, and Dispersal Type Magic, yet it isn't a very complicated technique. [1]

Still, it has its disadvantages, such as requiring the user to scout out the destination prior to forming the surrounding air currents that buffer the vacuum tunnel. If someone had the ability to repeatedly leap into the air while using this ability, they might even be able to continuously use this ability to confuse their opponent. However, this technique is fundamentally incompatible with attacking, and is more suited for retreating.


D7 Manga Illustration


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