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Million Edge
Movement Type Engravement Magic
Single, Multiple and Area of Effect
Known Users
Shippou Takuma
Shippou Family
Related Spells
Magic Bullet Tathlum

Million Edge is a delayed activation magic recorded just short of invocation, requiring significant preparation. The magic is inscribed on the paper of a Grimoire that Shippou carries with him. Once used, Million Edge can not be recast until the time consuming process of applying the magic is completed once again, showing severe limitations. 

The Shippou Family's signature magic doesn't involve the use of CADs. The families from the Seventh Institute all hold magic focusing on manipulating multiple objects (Herd Control); magic that is easier to use for them compared to other magical families. Since this spell does not need a CAD, it is Shippou Takuma's ace in the hole, as a spell that manipulates thousands of paper blades making it literally 'million edges'.

Shippou's Grimoire  is an approximately B5-sized book with 720 pages or 360 sheets. A page is 182mm wide and 256mm long. Upon activation (Shippou flipping through every single page), the book is disassembled and each B5 page gets split into 4mm by 4mm squares. One leaf = 2880 4x4 paper blades, x 360 leaves = 1,036,800 blades. [1] If not countered, the  paper blades launched towards the desired target can be lethal or can cause long term injuries. In his fight with Tomitsuka, he was able to use it multiple times by releasing a smaller number of blades, although it was rendered useless by Tomitsuka Hagane with his Contact-Type Gram Demolition. [2]


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