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Michaela Hongou


Michaela Hongou Manga Visitor

Character Name
Full Name Michaela Hongou
Other Name Hongo Mia (本郷 未亜)
Furigana ミカエラ・ホンゴウ
Personal Info
Age Deceased
Gender Female
Affiliation USNA
Novel Volume 9, Chapter 3

Michaela Hongou (ミカエラ・ホンゴウ) was a magic researcher attached to the Department of Defense, which specializes in Release-Systematic Type Magic.

Appearance & Personality

She shared Lina's Japanese-American heritage, but unlike Lina, Mia could fully blend in based on her appearance.


She was one of the spies who had entered Japan ahead of Lina's group. That being said, this wasn't her original occupation either. She was a talented woman who participated in last November's black hole experiment in Dallas. She volunteered for this mission in search of an alternate breakthrough for "annihilation reaction energy conversion" after the debacle at the Dallas Research Center. Like many magic researchers, she was also a Magician. Unlike the fake students who came this month under the guise of mutual research, she had infiltrated the magic universities under the identity of a salesperson and engineer from the Japanese branch of Maximilian Industries, "Mia Honda". Speaking of which, her current housing was directly next door to Lina's rented apartment. Despite not being combat or intelligence personnel, she still served as support and was concealed enough to serve as an active asset for this infiltration mission.

It is revealed that a parasite was inside her body. After it left her body, she died.


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