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Mibu Yuuzou

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Character Name
Full Name Mibu Yuuzou
Kanji 壬生 勇三
Furigana みぶ・ゆうぞう
Personal Info
Gender Male
Height 176 cm
Occupation Chief of Foreign Affairs
Ability Name Kenjutsu
Voiced By Itaru Yamamoto (Anime)
Novel Volume 2, Chapter 2
Anime Episode 7, Enrollment Chapter VII

Mibu Yuuzou (壬生 勇三) is Mibu Sayaka's father.


During his military career, he became very close to his companion-in-arms, Kazama Harunobu, who later would become a Major in the National Defense Force 101 Independent Magic-Equipped Battalion. After retiring from the military, Mibu transferred to Internal Affairs (Cabinet Agency of Data Supervision). He's currently Chief of Foreign Affairs, specifically international crime syndicates. Tatsuya was surprised of his affiliation with Kazama, but Mibu told him that he wouldn't say a word and just wanted to thank him for what he did for his daughter.

He provided some information about No Head Dragon.

Mibu Yuuzou's Work Profile
Cabinet Office Information Administration ->
Foreign Affairs Section ->
Foreign Affairs Third Division ->
Foreign Criminal Organizations Responsible Manager (International Crime Units) [1]


He is a Magician who uses Kenjutsu in live combat. His area of expertise lies in knife throwing.

Yuuzou Ability


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