Mibu Sayaka

Mibu Sayaka Appearance

Character Name
Full Name Mibu Sayaka
Kanji 壬生 紗耶香
Furigana みぶ・さやか
Personal Info
Gender Female
Height 162 cm
Weight 53 kg
Occupation Student
School First High School
National Defense Academy
  • First High (Graduate)
    Year 2 Class E Course 2 - 2095
    Year 3 Class ? Course 2 - 2096
  • National Defense Academy
    Year 1 - 2097
Voiced By Haruka Tomatsu (Anime)
Novel Volume 1, Chapter 5
Manga Volume 2, Chapter 10
Anime Episode 3, Enrollment Chapter III

Kirihara Takeaki

The two are currently in relationship. Their relationship developed during the many times Kirihhara went to visit her after the incident involving Blanche. Kirihara also protected Sayaka during Scorched Halloween, injuring himself in the process.

After the Blanche incident, they started the trend of merging the activities of clubs using magic with those that don't.

It was revealed in Volume 5, in the Presidential Elections and the Queen short story, Chapter 1 that since the spring incident, the sports clubs that used magic and the sports that didn’t felt they had to increase opportunities for mutual interaction between themselves. Especially with the clubs that were basically the same, sports clubs whose only difference was the rule about whether magic could be used or not in competition had taken it upon themselves to bridge the gap by undertaking positive actions; thus, the current trend was born.

Shiba Tatsuya

She was interested in Tatsuya, asking him to join the Kendo Club and the association against the so called discrimination of Course 2 by the Course 1 students. She also blushed when Tatsuya complimented her. She later admits that she may have been in love with Tatsuya due to his strength, but gave up since they were too far apart. She also knows that he is part of the military, holding the position of Special Officer and can use the magic "Regrowth".

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