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Meteorite Fall
Strategic-Class Magic
Single Target
Known Users
Watatsumi Series
Related Spells

Meteorite Fall (ミーティアライト・フォール, lit. Meteorite Bomb) is a Strategic-Class Magic that causes small bodies such as meteorites to fall onto the Earth. [1]

In order to capture and scan a celestial body at an extremely long distance, thus intending to change the trajectory and make it head towards the Earth, an enormous calculation is required. Therefore, it's impossible to activate with the magical power of a single person. It is necessary to construct a Magic Sequence by synchronizing multiple magicians through the use of a dedicated large-scale CAD. For that purpose, the adjusted body "Watatsumi" Series was created. However, forced synchronization led to an excessive load on the spirit. The Defense Navy is researching in secret. During World War III, there was a collaboration with the USNA Military, but was abandoned due to the fear and risks at the time that would lead to failure. [1]


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