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  • If in case you see the photos you uploaded are suddenly deleted, they aren't, they are either renamed or cropped (and re-uploaded to replace the existing photos).

    The Kokonoe Yakumo you uploaded just now is nice. So I placed it here. The rest you uploaded are also renamed and cropped/resized, like the Phantom picture. But yours show on the table if you scroll down.

    I'm currently cleaning and redrawing parts of some colored pictures to replace the temporary ones I uploaded before. One of the *candidates for editing was the LN illustration where the Juumonji picture you uploaded was from. It's taking quite long though since I'm busy.

    Please keep uploading pictures so we can have more choices, and also updating/contributing articles. Thank you very much.

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  • Hi, welcome to Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei Wiki! Thanks for your edit to the File:Capture0.PNG page.

    Please leave me a message if I can help with anything!

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