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Mental Design Interference

Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei - 09 - Large 10

Outer-Systematic Mental Interference
Single Target
Known Users
Yotsuba Miya
Related Spells

Mental Design Interference (精神構造干渉) is a forbidden Outer-Systematic Magic, also known as "Mental Structure Interference", that was unique to Miya, and is among the rarest types of magic.

It was thought of as a myth and a legend, thus considered impossible and does not exist in any records except in an old story, of which the authenticity cannot be confirmed nor disproved.

This Magic was used by Miya on Tatsuya to forcibly alter the area of his consciousness that creates strong emotions (the limbic system) in order to convert it into an Artificial Magic Calculation Area, creating an artificial Magician. This experiment caused Tatsuya to lose all strong desires.

It was also used to change Maya's consciousness' shape by changing her memories before her rescue into "knowledge", thus separating the emotions from her memories.

Mental Design Interference had the side effect of weakening Miya, when she did not completely remove Tatsuya's emotions. When Maya discussed this with Tatsuya, she informed that removing all of Tatsuya's emotions would have been easier and not cause any strain or side-effects but instead she left the brotherly love he feels for his sister. [1]


  1. Yotsuba Succession Chapter

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